Activité artistique - dessins en couleur
Activité artistique - dessins en couleur


Throughout the year we organize a multitude of artistic activities to allow your children to develop their fantasy and imagination while having fun. Some of these activities include animators, clowns, musicians …

Découverte du Luxembourg, leur Parcs naturels et autres vestiges naturels.


Natural parks and other natural remains of Luxembourg will be discovered through our annual outings. A way to combine the visit of the country’s beauties and the pedagogy.

Découverte du Luxembourg


You probably tell yourself that your children are real energy balls and that they will never hold still to do yoga … what if we turn the yoga session into a kind of game? Your children are full of imaginations, so you need to be creative to allow them to concentrate.

jeux et activités en plein air.


We believe open-air outings are essential in order to discover nature, to let off steam and in particular to strengthen their immune defense which during a person’s first years is still in development.

jeux et activités en plein air.

Of the season

In our nursery we attach great importance to various seasonal festivities such as Halloween, Saint Nicholas, Christmas, Easter carnival …
Our nursery will always be decorated with crafts made by children guided by educators which helps to make our nursery always warm and welcoming.

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