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Enfants avec un doudou qui jouent à la balle

Adaptation & discovery

In order to help the child adapt and discover an unknown environment in complete safety, a gradual integration is undertaken.
Collaboration and dialogue between parents and educational team is essential in order to successfully achieve this separation.
Therefore we aim to establish a relationship of trust with the child and the parents from the first meeting on in order to establish a safe place.
Before the scheduled entry to the nursery, it is important to provide a transition phase during which one of the parents will be present to prevent the child from experiencing the separation as a break.


Transition phase

During this time, parents inform us of the child’s rhythm and habits. The duration of this period is variable: it depends on the age of the child, the relationship that parents have with their child, the speed at which the child fits … First, parents can spend an hour in the group . This time allows them to visualize more where their child will grow. During this time, parents can ask questions, express their impressions as well as their expectations.
As time goes by, the period can be extended with a snack, a meal, a nap, etc … according to the child’s reaction and rhythm.

silouhette enfant fille

Your child is unique

We have established a guideline at the educational, psychological and social level. The child is considered as a unique person. We listen to his tastes, interests and personal rhythm, so that he feels good in our structure.

Most often, the nursery is a child’s first place of initiation to socialisation. He learns to separate himself from his familiar environment to discover life in community.
The child learns to share, to respect limits, to wait his turn, … and most importantly that he is not alone
Our main goes is to welcome and integrate every child into the group through the proposed activities as well as to help them discover a sufficient level of autonomy that allows them to flourish in a collectivity.

We accompany your child in the development of his independancy.
In order to reach this goal we help him to acquire what is necessary to structure himself, to access his identity and to develop his autonomy through psychomotor activities and collective games.

In order to promote every child’s responsibility, we motivate them into the development of good habits (such as hygiene and storage) which also facilitate positive self-esteem through the successful learning of different activities.

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